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The BTP Difference

Black Tie Products design and build trailers to keep the equipment after the fact, our competitors build trailers to sell to you for short term.  We manufacture our mobile restroom trailers to meet our customer’s unique needs and we build these trailer with pride and quality craftsmenship. We are also the only trailer manufacturer with a trailer rental background. Having a past history in the rental market is what led us to incorporate many of the standard features in our unique trailer designs and layout today.  We have used our first-hand experiences to craft the perfect mobile restroom trailers for you!

  • Roof Design: The Black Tie Products mobile restroom trailers allow for material flexing due to weather and travel conditions without compromising roof integrity. Our unique pitched roof design ensures that water will not sit and pool on the roof but will run off to our gutter system and fall harmlessly to the ground.  Your portable restroom trailer will always be ready for rental.
  • Stairs do not fold up: Black Tie Products restroom trailers’ steel and aluminum stairs slide-out and offer strength and durability. Our design ensures that you can set up your trailer on any surface without the need for stabilizing jacks.  Pins, brackets and other hardware are not needed and will not be left behind on event breakdown.  Level ground is not required for stable performance of our stair systems.
  • No Stainless steel cabinets/vanities:  Our commercial restroom trailers use poplar wood painted for the OPTimum series, and stained oak cabinetry in our ELtia series.  This results in easy maintenance and clean up and leaves a clean appearance.  No water or soap stains or endless scrubbing needed to improve the appearance of stainless steel.
  • Weight: Black Tie Products restroom trailers are engineered to travel lighter. Using aluminum studs for the walls as well as a plastic waste tank is an integral part of keeping the mobile restroom trailers lighter than the competition.
  • Exterior:  A single sheet of .040 Filon is used on all sides of the BTP mobile restroom trailer.  This provides a clean, seamless look that is easy to maintain and repair.  No dings or screws will be seen on these portable restrooms.  It also makes the application and removal of advertising materials and logos a snap.
  • Mechanic’s Room:  Every mobile restroom trailer Black Tie Products makes includes a mechanic’s room.  Your operators will love and appreciate this feature!  Not only does this provide additional storage space, but all water and power controls and supplies are locked on site. This feature was incorporated into the design through the input of our trailer operators when we were in the rental business years ago.
  • OPTimum interior:  Because of the bright interior and open space, the Black Tie Products OPTimum has more event flexibility than other mobile restrooms.  When all of your ELtia units are rented, your OPTImum dresses up to meet your other event needs.
  • Customer Service:  Black Tie Products is committed to providing its customers with a very knowledgeable customer support staff.
  • Warranty: Black Tie Products warrants to the original owner that your trailer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of three (3) years except as herein limited, from the date of the first retail purchase provided all stated conditions and exclusions are met and satisfied. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts which, in the opinion of the factory, shall prove defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and service during the one year period commencing with the date of the first retail purchase. Electrical components, lights, mechanical jacks, plumbing, fiberglass parts, windows, doors, sealants, seals, locks, couplers, and paint are warranted for a one (1) year period from the date of the first retail purchase, subject to the limitations contained in this limited warranty.
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